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Have you ever wanted to look like “Egyptian”? Well, In Aion 4.0 part 3 you will be able to! How? Players will be able to acquire gold and eternal items from “Danuar Shalter” (official English name unknown), a 6-man instance (previously fan translated as “Lunas Sanctuary”)!

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Today, I would like to share with you some info about eternal grade gear which you can get from “Hero” public quests added with Aion 4.0. These quests are one-time and theirs difficult required alliance/group to complete.

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Beside 65 level Balic weapon and armor craft, Aion 4.0 also introduces traditional master crafted items with unique appearance and very good stats. Players will be even able to craft theirs own Mythical items!

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Do you remember eternal “Ancient” weapons bought by Ancient Coins in Underground Katalam that I’ve posted previously? Today we will have a quick look at eternal PvP armors and hats you can buy with “Ancient Coins”!

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Today, I would like to present you “Beritra” items series, which drops from world bosses in Underground Katalam and which have theirs own unique appearance and stats!

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[Po polsku]

We have already showed you Kahrun weapons and armors, but your gear won’t be complete without accessories, right? 馃槈

In Aion 3.0, players will be able to buy eternal quality accessories with Kahrun marks and theirs costs are:

  • necklaces – 717 Kahrun Marks
  • erring – 540 Kahrun Marks
  • ring – 358 Kahrun Marks
  • belt – 358 Kahrun Marks
  • hat – 717 Kahrun Marks

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Jaki艣 czas temu przedstawiali艣my Wam nowe 60 levelowe eternalne bronie za Abyss Points. Dzi艣 przedstawiamy Wam armor sety!

[English Version]

Jest jednak kilka fakt贸w, o kt贸rych trzeba pami臋ta膰.

1. Elyoskie i asmodia艅skie zbroje maj膮 TE SAME statystyki, r贸偶ni膮 si臋 jednak wygl膮dem.

(na lewo elyoski, na prawo asmodia艅ski)

2. Dost臋pne b臋d膮 trzy rodzaje eternalnych armor set贸w: “normalny” set, set z bonusami setowymi oraz najlepszy set z AP conditioningiem (bardzo podobny mechanizm do zwyk艂ego conditioningu, z t膮 r贸偶nic膮 偶e wykupuje si臋 go przy pomocy Abyss Points)/

(od lewej: “normalny” set, set z bonusami setowymi, set z AP conditioningiem)

By sprawdzi膰 statystyki i wygl膮d poszczeg贸lnych set贸w, prosz臋 klikn膮膰 na poni偶sze linki 馃檪

Cloth | Leather | Chain | Plate

殴r贸d艂o: New 60 level eternal Abyss armor sets na Korean PowerBook.