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Tag: accessories

Some time ago we presented you the two new instances added in Aion 4.7 update (check: [Aion 4.7] New instances ). Today we want to share with you more detailed info about eternal and mythical items you can get from Runatorium instance as rewards!
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Today, I would like to share with you some info about eternal grade gear which you can get from “Hero” public quests added with Aion 4.0. These quests are one-time and theirs difficult required alliance/group to complete.

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[Po polsku]

We have already showed you Kahrun weapons and armors, but your gear won’t be complete without accessories, right? 😉

In Aion 3.0, players will be able to buy eternal quality accessories with Kahrun marks and theirs costs are:

  • necklaces – 717 Kahrun Marks
  • erring – 540 Kahrun Marks
  • ring – 358 Kahrun Marks
  • belt – 358 Kahrun Marks
  • hat – 717 Kahrun Marks

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