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New 4.5 update is coming soon to Aion NA and NCSoft West reviled detailed information regarding new PvP system, which will replace Abyss Ranking – Glory Points System! Check out how this system will work! We hope it will help your NA and EU players in better understanding this new system! 馃檪

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In the newest Aion 4.5 update not only Korean developers add new system to calculate higher Abyssal ranks (see: [Aion 4.5] New Honor Points system), but they also added new Abyssal gear for higher ranks. Check out few facts regarding these items and theirs stats with appearance! 馃檪

  • Items can be worn by 4-Star Officers and higher
  • Items have several stats option for each classes (for example chain have version with magical or physical stats), tho they are not class restricted
  • Items have different resistance stats (for example some focus more on magical resistance and others on magic suppression
  • Items have 6 manastone slots and can be enchanted to +15
  • Some armours have different appearance (cloth / leather) depending on version of the armour
  • Abyssal Augmentation is possible – full lvl 2 Augmentation of armour costs 468,879 Abyss Points
  • Competing whole set activate set bonus with PvP stats

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Latest 4.5 introduced a new system which allows players to “upgrade” theirs Greater Stigmas to higher level without the need of buying a new item!

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In the latest Aion 4.5 update, new PvP ranking system was introduced – Honor Points system! That does this system change? Basically, it “force” high ranking players (1-Star Officers + ) to be active, otherwise they will lose theirs Honor Points (and rank) everyday! No more “farming a millions of AP and staying lazy” 馃槈

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Aion 4.0 introduces several new ways allowing players to exchange theirs AP relics (which gives you even more AP) – some involve some risk, others cooperation of whole legion. Also in latest Aion 4.0 players will be able to collect and exchange NEW AP relics, which gives up to 10200 AP!!!

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[Po polsku]

How important and desirable AP relics are I don’t need to explain, especially when Abyssal items costs a LOT of Abyss Points. How to increase your income of APs? One of the ways is collecting AP Relics from treasure boxes hidden in disputes areas in Sarpan and Tiamaranta.

We would like to present you a little guide, which will help you easier locate these hidden boxes!

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Jaki艣 czas temu przedstawiali艣my Wam nowe 60 levelowe eternalne bronie za Abyss Points. Dzi艣 przedstawiamy Wam armor sety!

[English Version]

Jest jednak kilka fakt贸w, o kt贸rych trzeba pami臋ta膰.

1. Elyoskie i asmodia艅skie zbroje maj膮 TE SAME statystyki, r贸偶ni膮 si臋 jednak wygl膮dem.

(na lewo elyoski, na prawo asmodia艅ski)

2. Dost臋pne b臋d膮 trzy rodzaje eternalnych armor set贸w: “normalny” set, set z bonusami setowymi oraz najlepszy set z AP conditioningiem (bardzo podobny mechanizm do zwyk艂ego conditioningu, z t膮 r贸偶nic膮 偶e wykupuje si臋 go przy pomocy Abyss Points)/

(od lewej: “normalny” set, set z bonusami setowymi, set z AP conditioningiem)

By sprawdzi膰 statystyki i wygl膮d poszczeg贸lnych set贸w, prosz臋 klikn膮膰 na poni偶sze linki 馃檪

Cloth | Leather | Chain | Plate

殴r贸d艂o: New 60 level eternal Abyss armor sets na Korean PowerBook.