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Latest news from the world of Atreia!


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Update 4.7 introduced to Aion a whole new kind of world bosses along the event “beritra’s Invasion” (read more here: [Aion 4.7] Beritra’s Invasion). We can finally share with you information regarding rewards you can get if you participate in these boss fights and defend Atreia against Beritra’s army!
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Do you remember that at the end of 4.0 campaign quest line Dragon Lord Beritra successful obtained Hyperion? Balaur army haven’t been lazy, they have constructed theirs own versions of gigantic machines to conquered Atreia once and for all. Are you brave enough to oppose them?

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Today Aion Korea has officially release Aion 4.7 “Invasion” screenshots and trailer. Check out new video and screenshots of new instances, Beritra’s Invasion and new zones! 🙂

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Few moments ago, NCSoft West have released official Aion 4.0 E3 Trailer called “Beritra’s Plot”.

It’s pretty amazing, so enjoy watching!

Today, I would like to present you “Beritra” items series, which drops from world bosses in Underground Katalam and which have theirs own unique appearance and stats!

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