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Haven’t it been too quiet recently regarding the big content update, don’t you think? NCSoft Korea though so too, that’s why yesterday they released the teaser video called “The beginning of a new story”, showing off Asmodian female without claws and tail. Date states we can expect new patch on 11th November 2015!

On Facebook page, NCSoft announced it will be 7th major game update (5.0 hint hint?) That do you think we can expect for the “new beginning”? They would you like to see?

NCSoft West has recently published a video previews of the new zones from “Upheaval” update!
Do not miss videos about these beautiful zones!

Source: Aion NA Upheaval page.

Check out videos about two new mounts from Aion NA upcoming patch “Upheaval” (4.8)! Here they come: Afterburner Mount and Clucklich Mount! 🙂

Enjoy Episode 3 of AskAion, where Product Director of Aion EU is answering recent players questions!

Recently, European Aion Team has released 2nd video in which they will answer players questions like future release plans for updates 4.7.1, 4.7.5, 4.8 as well as master server, balancing measures and server merges and more.

Check out the video!

AskAion #1 can be find here.

I bet, that many Aion players would like to have a glimpse of developing process of NCSoft’s game like Aion. Recently NCSoft Korea has released official video which allows players to have a small insight into developing of Aion’s newest update called “The New World”.

During the video we can see interview of several different development team such as music designers, designers of PC (players characters) and NPC graphics and much more!

The D-Day (première day) of new patch is 3rd of December 2014 on Korean live servers.

Source: Korean “The New Would” official page.

New update 4.7 was released on 5th Novemver 2014 in NA Aion version.

Here is the official trailer and patch notes: 4.7 Patch Notes – Invasion Let us know that you think about new content and changes! 🙂