Do you remember that at the end of 4.0 campaign quest line Dragon Lord Beritra successful obtained Hyperion? Balaur army haven’t been lazy, they have constructed theirs own versions of gigantic machines to conquered Atreia once and for all. Are you brave enough to oppose them?

Time frames:
When boss is spawned, special icon will appear on map.

  • In one specified region between 18:00 and 10:00
  • Across all regions, on every month 11th (game time) day at 21:00

Beritra’s bosses can appear is several zones: new zones but also in old zones like Katalam, Beluslan, Verteron and Abyss (Inshalgen/Poeta, Pande/Sanctum, Oriel/Pernon are excluded).

There is no level requirements, but fight will be hard so players should prepare large group to be able to defeat bosses. Also large Beritra’s army will accompany boss.

Each bosses have its own special abilities and tactics.


Source: Beritra’s Invasion on Korean PowerBook and translation made by Azsurance on Tumblr.

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