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Latest news from the world of Atreia!


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NCSoft West has recently published a video previews of the new zones from “Upheaval” update!
Do not miss videos about these beautiful zones!

Source: Aion NA Upheaval page.

Check out videos about two new mounts from Aion NA upcoming patch “Upheaval” (4.8)! Here they come: Afterburner Mount and Clucklich Mount! 🙂

I’m happy to inform that today Aion NA has officially announced the release of the newest 4.8 patch (aka “expansion”) called “Upheaval”! In the following days and weeks more detailed information will be reviled on the official “Upheaval” page.

The Dragon Lord Beritra has continued to amass great power, and his assaults on Atreia have become more relentless and violent. Beritra has enacted large-scale invasions into the rest of Atreia from his hidden stronghold in Balaurea. But there is more to his strategy than just widespread destruction, as he searches for the ancient seals to unleash a power so great it threatens the lives of every living being in Atreia. And as his armies continue their advance, the landscape will be forever changed!

That will new patch bring? New zones (and some of them will be also removed due to the new storyline), new quests and gear! Prepare yourself Daevas and stand up against the Dragon Lord Beritra!

New update 4.7 was released on 5th Novemver 2014 in NA Aion version.

Here is the official trailer and patch notes: 4.7 Patch Notes – Invasion Let us know that you think about new content and changes! 🙂

We have a breaking news for you! Aion NA got a ninja update today and it’s seems our North America colleagues will got new 2nd sub-class for Artist/Muse class! Check full patch notes!

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New 4.5 update is coming soon to Aion NA and NCSoft West reviled detailed information regarding new PvP system, which will replace Abyss Ranking – Glory Points System! Check out how this system will work! We hope it will help your NA and EU players in better understanding this new system! 🙂

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Few moments ago, NCSoft West have released official Aion 4.0 E3 Trailer called “Beritra’s Plot”.

It’s pretty amazing, so enjoy watching!