We have a breaking news for you! Aion NA got a ninja update today and it’s seems our North America colleagues will got new 2nd sub-class for Artist/Muse class! Check full patch notes!

Aion 4.567
April 1, 2014
Patch Notes


  1. The second subclass of the Muse, the Mime, has been added!
    • The Mime is a melee brawler that focuses on high damage by breaking through enemy defense while increasing their own.

    Once a group of misunderstood Daevas, Mimes have perfected their art and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Silent but deadly, Mimes are extremely agile and resilient. By discovering that quieting one’s voice also quiets one’s mind, Asmodian and Elyos Daevas alike have achieved a high level of focus, allowing them to move in an almost unhuman way to increase their defenses and strike where an opponent is most vulnerable.

    • Complete the Muse Ascension quest to advance as a Mime.
    • Due to their silent Nature, mime characters will lose all voice sounds upon ascending.
    • New customization options have been added to character creation specifically for Mime characters. These options will be available via the character creation interface once you have ascended.
    • Multiple makeup patterns have been added. Areas to customize include lips, cheeks, eyes, nose and eyebrows.

    • Skills Preview:
    • The Art of Silence — You cannot be silenced. This ability is always active. If you are the target of a spell or effect that would cause you to be silenced, the effect instead affects the caster.
    • Equilibrium — Each time you dodge an attack, your Physical Attack and Evasion are increased by 20% for 10 seconds. Dodging subsequent attacks resets this duration and stacks effectiveness, up to a maximum of 200%
    • Focus — Passively grants 10 evasion per level. When activated, grants you a 100% chance to dodge all physical attacks for the next 10 seconds.
    • The Toc — Mimes cannot use weapons. Instead, your physical attack and accuracy are calculated based on your current evasion. Special focus items have been added to the game for use in the Mime’s weapon and shield slots.
    • Plum Line — Tosses forth an invisible lasso that attaches to one enemy and drags them in. For 10 seconds, that enemy cannot travel further than 5m from the Mime.
    • Illusion — Creates an invisible box around yourself or your target, confining them within, but preventing any interacting with them for up to 30 seconds or until the ability is activated again.
    • Counter-Point — Mimics the next ability used on you, preventing the damage and effect and returning them to the original caster.
    • Isolations — Your body moves in an unnatural, independent way, causing your opponents to suffer a 25% reduction in defensive stats against you. Physical Defense, Dodge, Parry and Block are all affected.
    • Mimic — DP skill. Creates an exact duplicate of yourself on the spot you are standing, which deals and receives damage like a real character. Lasts for 10 seconds. During this time, you enter the advanced hide state and your movement speed increases by 10%.
  2. Gunslingers have received an attack boost for being an underplayed class.
  3. Aethertechs can now remotely control their Bastions. Remote is available for purchase on the store.
  4. Addressed an issue with players being able to reach level 65. Affected players will be set to max level of 64.75.


  1. Infinity Shard can now be only run three times per faction and has been renamed to Finite Shard.


  1. Re-skinning wings will now require a healing process rendering players unable to fly for two days.
  2. Power Shards will be renamed to Potato Shards in name of the new forum moderator.
  3. Items will now have a chance to blow up after failed socketing attempts.


  1. The “Everything is OK” error message has returned. Don’t worry, Everything is OK.