[Aion 4.0] Eternal armors bought by Ancient Coins!

Do you remember eternal “Ancient” weapons bought by Ancient Coins in Underground Katalam that I’ve posted previously? Today we will have a quick look at eternal PvP armors and hats you can buy with “Ancient Coins”!


  • Items can be bought with the use of “Ancient Coins”, which players can acquire in Underground Katalam (PvP zone) by killing mobs, doing quests ect.
  • These items can be only enchanted max to 5 level
  • Items have 2 stages of conditioning (2nd level has PvP stats)
  • Each weapon type have 2 stats versions allowing players to chose the one for their own preferences (like staff will have stats for Clerics and 2nd staff for Chanters, mace for Clerics and Templars ect.)
  • Items have unique appearance of “Ancient Shugos” 😉
  • They are very nice for weapon synthesis with PvP “Battlefield” items acquired by “Dire Tokens” (see more: [Aion 4.0] Battlefield gear stats and appearance!)

All items stat translations are made by WoGGhA from Aion-cz.com. Many thanks for hard work!

(left-click and “show image” to see larger version)


Source: Eternal “Ancient” armors bought by Ancient Coins on Korean PowerBook and Ancient Coins on Aion-Cz.com

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  • Evita

    am I the only one that thinks this is fugly?

  • mrb

    I can understand why you would want to buy a weapon with ancient coins. weapons fusion and stuff…

    But why would you want to get the armor???

  • An

    well… these sets are so ugly >.<

  • Fiction

    This reminds me of the 80s movie Mad Max 😀

  • nakz

    I loved the plate set, tho I only play as cleric *u*/

  • Xarion

    I love the look of these sets, reminds me of a post-apocalyptic steam-punk appearance.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of how these look, the stats are complete garbage for chain at least (assuming they’re the actual stats).

  • Cleric

    Is there any other way of getting these sets?

    As PvE sets they are rubbish but who would pay the massive amount of kinah just to get one as a skin? Considering on most EU servers right now coins range from 200-230k each you only have to do the math to work out the huge cost of these sets making them pretty much pointless even as skins….