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Enjoy Aion 4.0 part 3 “Invasion” official screenshots of new instances and items! 🙂

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“The Runadium” is 6-man end-game instance added in Aion 4.0 part 2. Today I’d like to share with you info about mythic grade items players can get there and which at the same time looks superb and have awesome stats!

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Few days ago, I’ve showed you promo video of new Korean event associated with release of Aion 4.0 part 2 – “IU is kidnapped”! Today NCSoft published official info about the event – it will be active between 16th January 2013 and 8th May 2013 and it is 6-man instance, during which you need to rescue kidnapped IU from evil Shugo Circus!

Check out that rewards awaits for IU’s heroes! 🙂

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Today, I would like to present you new armour and weapon item series from “Steel Rose” instance added in Aion 4.0! “Steel Rose” is a solo/group instance for all players above 60 level and you can get fabled quality armours, hats, shields and weapons.

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Check out concept arts of new item series, we can expect in Aion 4.0!

Beritra Set
Dragon Lord Beritra is the Lord of Darkness and Chaos. In 4.0 players will be able to get item series insipred by Beritra! I must admit it looks bad-ass 😉 (You can also see “Gunner” and “Bard” versions of this set – yes, these class set will have different apperance tho they wear cloth and leather like other “old” classes).

New Abyss (PvP) items
Aion 4.0 will introduce new 65 lvl Abyss items series, which can be bought with the use of Abyss Points and new kind of medals – Ceramium Medals. This is concept art of new Guardian / Archon Governor Set!

New special crafting gear
In 4.0 crafters will have theirs hands full with work. They will be able to add special meterials to “normal” craft to create a special items (for example with pvp stats!)

End-game PvE gear
This is a concept art of “Hyperion” series from end-game PvE instance “Katalamize”. But it won’t be easy to get it 😉

Special items series
In every update we can expect special and unique themed items series, in Aion 4.0 players will be able to get “Steel Rose Pirate Set” (from the solo/group instance “Steel Rose”) and “Ancient Katalam” sets.

Source: Concept arts of new items on Korean PowerBook and Massive preview of new gear coming in Aion 4.0! on NA Aion page.

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Beside new mythical grade weapons, new eternal extendable weapons and eternal armors players can also get eternal grade hats from “Tiamat’s Sanctuary” instance!

Check more information about them!
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Today, little guide how “Tiamat’s” fabled armor sets dye (these armor sets don’t “glow” like eternal grade “Tiamat’s” armors)!

Click, on type you are interested in and it will redirect you to Korean page with all color variants of male and female version 🙂

“Tiamat’s” armor set – fabled grade (official English name still unknown)
Cloth Leather
Chain Plate