[Po polsku]

Some time ago we share with you information about new mythical grade weapon series from Dragon Lord’s Sanctuary instance added in Aion 3.5. Today, we would like to present eternal (unfortunately, there aren’t new mythical armours) armours sets players can get from second instance added in 3.5 – Tiamat’s Citadel.

These new armours sets are dropping in Tiamat’s Citadel instance (6-man) and sometimes items can have some stats slightly increased comparing to “base” version. Tho increased amounts aren’t that big (like +3-5 more).

Also in same instance fabled armours sets drop – they have basically same appearance, tho eternal one have a “glow”. Items are NOT remodelable!

Eternal (left) / Fabled (right)

Note, “Magic Offset” = Magical Cancellation


Source: Tiamat’s eternal armor sets on Korean PowerBook.
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