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Few days ago, I’ve showed you promo video of new Korean event associated with release of Aion 4.0 part 2 – “IU is kidnapped”! Today NCSoft published official info about the event – it will be active between 16th January 2013 and 8th May 2013 and it is 6-man instance, during which you need to rescue kidnapped IU from evil Shugo Circus!

Check out that rewards awaits for IU’s heroes! 🙂

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I would like to present you official multimedia of Aion 4.0 Part 2 update! Check out official screenshots and concept arts of new class Bard, new instances and zones!

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Przedstawiamy oficjalne patch notes 2.1 part dwa. Zmiany tego od wczoraj testować można na naszym europejskim PTSie, a które z dniem 26. stycznia 2011 wejdą na stałe na nasze live serwery. Patch ten skupia się głównie na zmianach craftingu oraz trudności questów.

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