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With the latest Aion 4.5 update players not only got a new “AetherMech” class, but also new skills for previous classes. Check that was added or changed in your class’ skills!

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NCSoft West recently added two new videos of new classses – Gunslinger (Gunner) and Songweaver (Bard), as well as video showing new 4.0 zones – Katalam, Danaria, and the Idian Depths! Enjoy! 🙂

Koreans have added 4 new Aion 4.0 wallpapers! Take a look! Previous 3 4.0 wallpapers can be found here.

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Few days ago, I’ve showed you promo video of new Korean event associated with release of Aion 4.0 part 2 – “IU is kidnapped”! Today NCSoft published official info about the event – it will be active between 16th January 2013 and 8th May 2013 and it is 6-man instance, during which you need to rescue kidnapped IU from evil Shugo Circus!

Check out that rewards awaits for IU’s heroes! 🙂

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I would like to present you official multimedia of Aion 4.0 Part 2 update! Check out official screenshots and concept arts of new class Bard, new instances and zones!

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As you may know latest Aion expansion 4.0 is divided into 3 parts. 1st (which contains new zones, new items, new skills, Gunner class ect.) went live on 20th December 2012. Today, 2nd part of 4.0 was added to PTS and it includes Bard class and several end-game instances!

Enjoy watching video showing preview of Bard’s skills available during character creation!

Today we present you trailer video of “Bard/Troubadour” class from Aion 4.0.

Indeed, it looks… different from other classes’ gameplay, don’t you think? 😉