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Some times ago, I have shared with you information regarding newest K-Aion event called “Starlight Event“, during which players can win the unique looking mythical and eternal weapons and shield.

Today, I’d like to share with you the statistics of these mythical grade weapons and well as their official promo videos! 🙂

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Today, I would like to present you new armour and weapon item series from “Steel Rose” instance added in Aion 4.0! “Steel Rose” is a solo/group instance for all players above 60 level and you can get fabled quality armours, hats, shields and weapons.

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[Po polsku]

In the newest Aion 3.5 patch (which yesterday went live on Korean servers) players have opportunity to defeat one of the Dragon Lords – Tiamat in hers hideout “Dragon Lord’s Sanctuary” (it’s instance for 12 players). Defeating the Dragon Lord is not an easy task and many “superior” powers are involved. But rewards for killing her are also extraordinary – developers introduced even more rare item grade into the game: mythical grade (violet colour)! At the moment only Tiamat boss drops mythical grade weapons in the game!

Check out, if mythical weapon series is worth the risk and effort!

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