In the newest Aion patch 3.5, players eventually will have opportunity to meet Tiamat, the Dragon Lady of Balaurea and… to defeat her! Of course defeating Dragon Lord is not an easy task and required the help of many allies like Kahrun and even Empyrean Lords – Marchutan and Kaisinel themselves!

Little spoiler included, so please don’t read if you don’t want to know what happen 😉

1. Basic information

  • Type: Alliance (12-man)
  • Suggested level: 60
  • Reset / Re-entry time: 40h, no entry quest
  • Entrance: Eye of Tiamaranta

Each faction has its own separated entrance.

Instance is rather small and has a simple structure.

2. The fight…
Fight is divided into several phases – it won’t be a complete description, because I don’t want to spoil too much 😉

  1. Tiamat summon Kahrun and players for the negotiation, but it was just a trap!

  2. Fight the summoned Balaur

  3. Tiamat reveals hers true power, but player get unexpected help!

  4. While Empyrean Lord fight with Tiamat, your task is to weaken hers powers.
  5. Final strike!

  6. Defeating even deadly wounded Tiamat is not an easy task, but reward is worth it.

Source: Dragon Lord’s Sanctuary guide on Korean PowerBook.

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