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[Po polsku]

Beside new mythical grade weapons, new eternal extendable weapons and eternal armors players can also get eternal grade hats from “Tiamat’s Sanctuary” instance!

Check more information about them!
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Today, little guide how “Tiamat’s” fabled armor sets dye (these armor sets don’t “glow” like eternal grade “Tiamat’s” armors)!

Click, on type you are interested in and it will redirect you to Korean page with all color variants of male and female version 🙂

“Tiamat’s” armor set – fabled grade (official English name still unknown)
Cloth Leather
Chain Plate

[Po polsku]

Some time ago we share with you information about new mythical grade weapon series from Dragon Lord’s Sanctuary instance added in Aion 3.5. Today, we would like to present eternal (unfortunately, there aren’t new mythical armours) armours sets players can get from second instance added in 3.5 – Tiamat’s Citadel.

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[Po polsku]

In the latest Korean patch 3.5, new 6-man instance “Tiamat’s Citadel” were introduced. By doing quests inside this instance, players are awarded with special “Defence Corps” coins, which can later can be exchanged for unique weapons skins and 60 level fabled mount.

Feel free to check out these new items.

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[Po polsku]

In the newest Aion 3.5 patch (which yesterday went live on Korean servers) players have opportunity to defeat one of the Dragon Lords – Tiamat in hers hideout “Dragon Lord’s Sanctuary” (it’s instance for 12 players). Defeating the Dragon Lord is not an easy task and many “superior” powers are involved. But rewards for killing her are also extraordinary – developers introduced even more rare item grade into the game: mythical grade (violet colour)! At the moment only Tiamat boss drops mythical grade weapons in the game!

Check out, if mythical weapon series is worth the risk and effort!

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We are happy to share with you 8 new official wallpapers for Aion 3.5 update! Wallpapers present 4 armour sets, which players can get after defeating Tiamat – The Dragon Lord of Balaur.

Enjoy! 🙂

(left-click to enlarge, right-click to save)


Source: Wallpaper section on Official Korean Aion page.

Many players have been waiting for new extendable weapons, at some point everyone was thinking that Aion developer had abandoned the idea, but no! In the newest Aion 3.5, we can expect new extendable weapon series! They drop from Tiamat, the one of the Dragon Lords of Balaur in the Dragon Lord’s Sanctuary instance.

Take a look at theirs appearance and stats!

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