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Tag: wallpapers

If you like to customize your computer with your favourite game media, I have something for you. Two new official Aion 4.7 wallpapers! 🙂

Click to enlarge, right-click “Save as…” to download.

Source: Aion Korea wallpaper page.

Koreans have added 4 new Aion 4.0 wallpapers! Take a look! Previous 3 4.0 wallpapers can be found here.

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Yes, Koreans published today Aion 4.0 wallpapers – 3 available atm, but I’m sure they will add new later (for example Bard wallpapers ect. 😛 ) – so enjoy! 🙂

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We are happy to share with you 8 new official wallpapers for Aion 3.5 update! Wallpapers present 4 armour sets, which players can get after defeating Tiamat – The Dragon Lord of Balaur.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Source: Wallpaper section on Official Korean Aion page.