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[Po polsku]

Beside new mythical grade weapons, new eternal extendable weapons and eternal armors players can also get eternal grade hats from “Tiamat’s Sanctuary” instance!

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[Po polsku]

Many of you were asked us to create “Hat section” in Aion’s Fashion Show. Today, with the help of our beloved Korean PowerBook, we can share with you this little guide about new hats added in Aion 3.0. With time we will try to update this section with hats from previous patches.

Good hunting, Daevas! 🙂

Sarpan (56-60 lvl) Cloth Leather Chain Plate
Abyssal (60 lvl) Cloth Leather Chain Plate
Master Craft (58 lvl) Cloth Leather Chain Plate Glasses
Balic Craft (60 lvl) Cloth Leather Chain Plate Glasses

Source: Aion 3.0 New Hats on Korean PowerBook.

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