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Daeva's Report

Latest news from the world of Atreia!


Tag: part 1

Today, I would like to present you new armour and weapon item series from “Steel Rose” instance added in Aion 4.0! “Steel Rose” is a solo/group instance for all players above 60 level and you can get fabled quality armours, hats, shields and weapons.

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Today, newest official expansion 4.0 (part 1) went live on Koreans Aion servers! Thanks to that, we can enjoy a ton of official multimedia including screenshots of new content, concept arts and video trailer!

Enjoy! 🙂

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Today the newest Aion 4.0 part 1 was implemented on Korean Public Test Server (PTS)! It mainly focus on level cap increase to 65, new zones, skills, items, instances, new forst and… new “Gunner” class 🙂

It seems that “Aion 4.0” expansion will be split into 3 major “updates/parts” – part 1 will go live on 20th December, part 2 on 16th January 2013 (with Bard class), part 3 around end of 1st Q of 2013 (with Raider class).

Have a look on the first part of Aion 4.0!

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