Today the newest Aion 4.0 part 1 was implemented on Korean Public Test Server (PTS)! It mainly focus on level cap increase to 65, new zones, skills, items, instances, new forst and… new “Gunner” class 🙂

It seems that “Aion 4.0” expansion will be split into 3 major “updates/parts” – part 1 will go live on 20th December, part 2 on 16th January 2013 (with Bard class), part 3 around end of 1st Q of 2013 (with Raider class).

Have a look on the first part of Aion 4.0!

BE AWARE!!! This is “fan-made” translation from the original Korean text. It does NOT contain all information or may be partially incorrect!


1. Gunner class has been added! (probably more detailed info of the new class will be released soon)

  • Gunner class wears leather armor and fight with guns, cannons ect.

2. Level cap was increased to 65.

  • Lowered exp needed to lvl up on lower levels.
  • Reduced exp lost during death for all characters under 49 level.


1. Added a lot of new skills for all classes (translation inc)
2. Added new kind of “cumulating skill system” – the longer player charge the skill, the more powerful will be its effect. There will be 3 stages of acumulating.


Two new zones were added:
1. Northern Katalam

2. Souther Katalam


1. New instance “Steel Roses” (name unofficial) was added.

  • Instance has similar design as Steel Rake.
  • It may be enter once per day with the help of NPC.
  • Available for all characters above 61 level.
  • Instance is divided into 3 parts: 1st and 2nd can be done solo or with group of 3 players. 3rd part is 3-man only.

2. “Auto creating party system” has been improved and now can by apply to auto-create groups for most of the instances.


1. New fortress have been added in Northern and Southern Katalam. They are available during different days and hours in the week.

2. Added some kind of bases in certain zones (like Morheim/Beluslan, Eltnen/Heiron, Northern and Southern Katalam). It seems [not sure tho] that each fraction can conquered these base from NPCs and if succeed, they will be replaced by x fraction NPC and can be used as “safe camp”.


1. New quests have been added:

  • New quests ware added in Northern and Southern Katalam.
  • Added new quest related to new instance.
  • Added new PvP quests related to new fortress/sieges and new camps.

2. Added new daily fraction related to Northern and Southern Katalam.

3. Quests Tracker UI was improved (added tabs with recommended quests/quests for you lvl/recent quests/quests from the area you are in ect.)


1. New items has been add due to lvl cap increase. [as always :P]
2. New 65 lvl Abyss items has been added. Abyss items (40-60 lvl) can be sold to special NPC [not sure if/what NPC give in return], new kind of 30-60 lvl leather Abyssal items has been added (with magical stats). Amount of medals and AP for 45-55 Abyss items has been reduced.
3. New “Synthesis system” has been added – it allows to synthesize two items, but it has random result.

4. News kind of medals has been added and Mithril medals will be easier to get.
5. New kinds of coins/tokens have been added and can be acquired from quests and instances.


1. Login screen and character creation were redesigned. Gunner class selection has been added.

    • Tabs to to preview costumes/wings/skills were added. Also new manu with recommended sexy/cute/innocent/unique appearances had been added.

(left recommended appearances, right previews of costumes/wings ect.)

    • New customization menu was added (with hairstyles/ faces / tattoos ect.)

    • Character selection screen has been changed

    • Game UI has been changed

    • Designe of additional icons have been changed

2. “Hal of Fame” has been added. [not sure that it is, but it allows to preview costumes?]

3. Preferences UI has been changed

4. Title selection window has been changed – now it allows players to chosen title they would like to display and later chosen to link the stats from other title.

5. Item info window has been changed.

6. Target info window/bar has been changed

7. Personal channel management window has been changed [not really sure that is the “private channel”…]

8. Transparent map window has been changed


1. Character slot limit has been increased [?]
2. Delation time for 35-35 lvl characters has been changed to 5 min [?]
3. “10% more exp” buff has been added for legions which fultill certain conditions: legion lvl 3 or above, 10 ppl online at the same time.

And many more…

Source: 4.0 PTS patch notes on Korean PowerBook.

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