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Tag: concept art

Aion NA has recently release four concept arts of the new monsters players will encounter in upcoming expansion Upheaval (aka patch 4.8).

Take a look! 🙂

Aion Korea released an official wallpapers, concept arts and screenshots of Aion 4.5! Enjoy!

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Today, newest official expansion 4.0 (part 1) went live on Koreans Aion servers! Thanks to that, we can enjoy a ton of official multimedia including screenshots of new content, concept arts and video trailer!

Enjoy! 🙂

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Today, NCSoft Korea with associated region Aion publishers, some basic informations and concept arts of new region from Aion 4.0 called “Katalam”!

As far as we know at the moment new region will be situated near Tiamarant and Sarpan and most likely will continue lore story of Ancient Reians living in Balaurea. From the concept arts you can “guess” (these are players’ speculations atm), that new region may mostly will focus on Open PvP and fortress sieges (furthermore in one of the old interview, Koreans developers said that future patches will put more focus on Realm-vs-Realm encounters).

What do you think?

(click, to enlarge)

Source: Katalam region concept arts on Korean Aion homepage!

[Po polsku!]

Upcoming Aion 4.0 expansion will add 3 new classes – you can check first artworks of them here.

Today, K-Aion officially released two concept art of female and male “Gunner” class (class name is not official yet!). Do you think such “bad-ass Wild West” design and style fit into Aion’s lore?

(Click to enlarge)

Zapewne wielu z Was zacierała sobie łapki na oficjalne zdjęcia, tapety czy filmy z Aion 3.0! Niecierpliwe czekanie dobiegło końca i mamy przyjemność zaprezentować Wam oficjalne multimedia z 3.0 (w tym także wygaszacze ekranu!)

[English Version]

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