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With the latest Aion 4.5 update players not only got a new “AetherMech” class, but also new skills for previous classes. Check that was added or changed in your class’ skills!

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Today, Aion 4.0 part 1 update went live on Korean servers. K-Aion released this awesome Aion 4.0 trailer video! 😀


Check out official Korean trailer of new skills added in Aion 4.0 part 1 update!

Today, newest official expansion 4.0 (part 1) went live on Koreans Aion servers! Thanks to that, we can enjoy a ton of official multimedia including screenshots of new content, concept arts and video trailer!

Enjoy! 🙂

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Latest Aion 4.0 expansion introduced a new kind of skill into the game – an accumulating skills. Simply said: the longer you charge / cast the skill the more powerful effect it will have. This new type of skills will allow players to adjust the tempo/power of the skill depending on the situation and the need and provide more flexible playstyle.

Check out the list of all “accumulating skills”!

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Newest expansion “Aion 4.0” completely redo character customization. It will allow to preview for example armours (of each archetype), wings and even skills! Take a look!

In the latest soon-to-be-released in Korea patch 4.0, max level cap will be increased to 65! Therefore, we can expect not only a new zones / instance / quests but also a new skills! We would like to share with you info about new skills added in Aion 4.0!

New skills may be divided into 3 categories: survival skills, rvr skills and new accumulating skills (a new type).

Many thanks to Kalsteine, for translating skill description from Korean 🙂

1. Survival slills – skills designed to help in surviving

Class Description
Gladiator For short time increased Gladiator’s magic suppression but lowers magic resistance at the same time
Ranger Teleports forward and cancel all movement debuffs
Cleric Temporarily increase movement speed
Chanter Teleports and decrease eminity

2. PvP/RvR skills – mostly designed for PvP/RvR encounters and mostly deal AoE damage.

Class Description
Templar Powerful attack on one target
Gladiator Leap toward the enemy and hit all enemies around the target
Assassin Usable only in Hide, inflicts huge damage on one target. Also stuns target if attacked from behind.
Sorcerer After a short cast time, summons 3 meteors onto selected area dealing AoE damage
Spiritmaster Player’s spirit uses AoE damage and push back the enemies. After the skill, spirit is dismissed.

3. Accumulating skills – new type of skills: the longer you cast/charge them more powerful will be effect of the skill.

Class Description
Sorcerer Sleep – longer you cast the skill longer effect will last
Cleric AoE heal – longer you cast the skill the more you will heal your party
Chanter strikes enemy – longer you charge the skill the more damage you will deal

Source: Aion 4.0 new skills on Official Korean page, English translation of skills done by Aion Source.

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