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If you are already bored with hairstyles which were added in the Aion 4.0, we have a good news for you! Newest update 4.5 adds 4 new hairstyles (two for men and 2 for woman). Check them out!

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Aion 4.0 added new famale and male hairstyles!

Which one you like the most? <3

As you may know latest Aion expansion 4.0 is divided into 3 parts. 1st (which contains new zones, new items, new skills, Gunner class ect.) went live on 20th December 2012. Today, 2nd part of 4.0 was added to PTS and it includes Bard class and several end-game instances!

Enjoy watching video showing preview of Bard’s skills available during character creation!

Newest expansion “Aion 4.0” completely redo character customization. It will allow to preview for example armours (of each archetype), wings and even skills! Take a look!

Jakiś czas temu pisaliśmy o nowym zabezpieczeniu jakie wprowadził NCSoft w Korei, by wzmocnić ochronę kont graczy. Z dniem 1. grudnia 2010 system ten zawita także do naszej wersji gry. Polega on na każdorazowym wpisywaniu wybranego przez nas PIN’u przy logowaniu się na konto. Ma on na celu, poprawienie ochrony przed keyloggerami oraz innymi programami przechwytującymi hasła.

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