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With the latest Aion 4.5 update players not only got a new “AetherMech” class, but also new skills for previous classes. Check that was added or changed in your class’ skills!

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Today, Aion 4.0 part 1 update went live on Korean servers. K-Aion released this awesome Aion 4.0 trailer video! 😀


[Po polsku!]

Two days ago we shared with you first info and concept art of “Bard/Troubadour” class, which will be added in Aion 4.0 expansion. Today, we would like to show you concept arts of weapons Troubadours will use! Of course as you can guess, they will use music instruments – to be exact: harps. 🙂

Do you like idea of such weapons? 😉

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Source: Concept arts of Bard’s weapons on Korean PowerBook.