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Do you have crazy ideas and artistic skills? Would you want to have your own small part in creating Aion? No worries! Now thanks to new NCSoft and Gameforge competition, you can design your own unique wings and win cool computer ^^

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And here you have few new Aion 4.8 “The New World” multimedia such as wallpaper and concept arts! Enjoy 馃檪

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Concept Arts – Armors

Concept Arts – Weapons

Are you eager to check how new zones, instances, skills and items from update 4.8 “Winds of Fate. Rhapsody 1 – New World”? Take a look and share with us your opinion regarding the new world and game design! 馃檪
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Check out concept arts of new item series, we can expect in Aion 4.0!

Beritra Set
Dragon Lord Beritra is the Lord of Darkness and Chaos. In 4.0 players will be able to get item series insipred by Beritra! I must admit it looks bad-ass 馃槈 (You can also see “Gunner” and “Bard” versions of this set – yes, these class set will have different apperance tho they wear cloth and leather like other “old” classes).

New Abyss (PvP) items
Aion 4.0 will introduce new 65 lvl Abyss items series, which can be bought with the use of Abyss Points and new kind of medals – Ceramium Medals. This is concept art of new Guardian / Archon Governor Set!

New special crafting gear
In 4.0 crafters will have theirs hands full with work. They will be able to add special meterials to “normal” craft to create a special items (for example with pvp stats!)

End-game PvE gear
This is a concept art of “Hyperion” series from end-game PvE instance “Katalamize”. But it won’t be easy to get it 馃槈

Special items series
In every update we can expect special and unique themed items series, in Aion 4.0 players will be able to get “Steel Rose Pirate Set” (from the solo/group instance “Steel Rose”) and “Ancient Katalam” sets.

Source: Concept arts of new items on Korean PowerBook and Massive preview of new gear coming in Aion 4.0! on NA Aion page.

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[Po polsku!]

Today, K-Aion has published first info and concept art of “Bard/Musician” class (name still unofficial!).

From the official NA information about this class called “Troubadour” we know that:

  • The Troubadour uses magical melodies and songs to heal group members, and weaken or attack enemies.
  • Though Troubadours have healing powers, they’re not just support! They could be a real force in PvP…
  • Troubadour can be compared to a cross between cleric and spiritmaster.
  • The class’s “skill tempo” isn’t fast, and though Troubadours are (currently) not a difficult class to play, they can be very adaptable to the needs of the group.
  • Troubadours wear cloth armor.

Do you like idea of this class in Aion?

Source: Concept arts of Bard class on Korean PowerBook.

Thanks to Aksi from Official Russian Aion forum, we are happy to share with you screenshots of new bosses, instances, items and also concept arts! Enjoy! 馃檪

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Dzi艣 przedstawiamy Wam concept arty dw贸ch nowych unikalnych armor set贸w dodanych w patch 2.7! Pierwszy z nich to “ulepszona wersja” (wymieniamy: nasz obecny EC gear + Crucible Insygnia = “ulepszona wersja”) obecnie dost臋pnego Tac Officer’s Divine setu. Drugi z nich to nowy Eternalny Crucible PvP set (zdobywany przy pomocy Crucible Insygnii oraz nowych insygni z PvP Aren). Trzeba przyzna膰, 偶e oba sety robi膮 wra偶enie, a tw贸rcom nie brak pomys艂贸w!

[English Version]

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