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Haven’t it been too quiet recently regarding the big content update, don’t you think? NCSoft Korea though so too, that’s why yesterday they released the teaser video called “The beginning of a new story”, showing off Asmodian female without claws and tail. Date states we can expect new patch on 11th November 2015!

On Facebook page, NCSoft announced it will be 7th major game update (5.0 hint hint?) That do you think we can expect for the “new beginning”? They would you like to see?

Do you have crazy ideas and artistic skills? Would you want to have your own small part in creating Aion? No worries! Now thanks to new NCSoft and Gameforge competition, you can design your own unique wings and win cool computer ^^

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In the latest 4.0 update from 15th May 2013, new mythical grade wings were added. Check out more detailed information!

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Today on Korean Test Server new “minor” patch was implemented (it’s simply called “Update 15th May 2013”, without any “number name”). It will inter alia add new 6v6 battleground, changes in some of the instances, new mythical grade wings, items changes and more! This update will come live on 29th May.

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[Po polsku]

In the latest Korean update Aion 3.5 few new features were added to the legion system – for example: increased legion level, new legion quests and items (including mounts!).

We are happy to share with you information about 3.5 legion features and also exclusive images we got from Aksi of Official Russian Aion Forum. Enjoy! ­čÖé

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Przedstawiamy Wam wygl─ůdy nowych skrzyde┼é, kt├│re pojawi─ů si─Ö w najnowszym dodatku 3.0. Na razie brak jeszcze dok┼éadnych informacji jakie b─Öd─ů statystyki nowych skrzyde┼é albo jak je zdoby─ç, ale informacje uzupe┼énia─ç b─Ödziemy na bie┼╝─ůco jak tylko pojawi si─Ö jakie┼Ť info ­čśë

[English Version]

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To, ┼╝e skrzyd┼éa i latanie stanowi─ů wa┼╝ny element rozgrywki w Aionie wie ka┼╝dy. Dlatego te┼╝ przygotowali┼Ťmy ma┼ée zestawienie dost─Öpnych obecnie w grze skrzyde┼é – ich nazwy, wygl─ůd oraz w jaki spos├│b mo┼╝na je zdoby─ç.

Mamy nadziej─Ö ┼╝e dzi─Öki temu ┼éatwiej Wam b─Ödzie rozezna─ç si─Ö z najlepszymi na “rynku” pi├│rkami ­čśë

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