[Aion EU] Veteran Reward being extended to 40 level!

All Western Aion players (both EU and NA) are familiar with Veteran Rewards NCSoft introduced to reward theirs subscribers – for each subscribed month players got Veteran Reward. Since Aion EU got new publisher GameForge and went Free-to-Play, EU players still were able to get Veteran Reward via using Goldpacks up to 28 level (which basically were NCSoft’s 28th month VR). Unfortunately players who already got 28th Veteran Rewards with NCSoft, got maxed with Gameforge system as well.

But finally with 3.9 patch being release today 17-04-2013, Gameforge decided to add “Phase 3” and extended current Veteran Reward level up to 40! It means 12 new Veteran Rewards. So if you already got 28th level of Veteran Rewards and was still using Goldpacks, you will instantly got new rewards depending on amount of GP you used! We are presenting list of the new rewards! 😀

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