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Love is flowing in the air and Valentine’s Day is coming! Korean players can celebrate Day of the Lovers with new sweet armour, hat and weapons skins! 😀

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Check out new Xmas emotes and costumes added to Korean Shop! Be a stylish Snowman! 🙂

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Korean players also celebrates Solarius Festival this year between 18th and 26th December 2013 (which strongly recalls EU Xmas event). Are you interested that presents they can get? 🙂

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Chrismas is close and even Atreia is filled with the charm of upcoming holidays! Strange alchemists, idle Shugo Couriers and rogue Grankers – there’s loads going on in Atreia, just in time for the Solorius Festival!

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Yes, Aion in Korea is celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year! To celebrate this, they are running several smaller events and boost and also give everyone a free eternal set for level 10 +

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Some time ago I reported to you about new Korean event, which focus on disappearance of lore NPC called Munin [see more: [K-Aion Event] “Munin disappeared”]. Today, I have some more info, how players can “track down” Munin. 😉
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Do you remember exiled Munin in Ishalgen, who helped our character many times? Yes? Then I have a breaking news – Munin disappeared! His crystal is shattered and he is nowhere to be found!

New event will soon start (on 15th May 2013) on Korean servers, which will consist of 3 chapters story behind Munin’s disappearing! More info soon! 🙂

Source: Munin disappearing event on Korean Powerbook.

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