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Would you like to cheer for NCSoft’s baseball Team called “Dinos”! Recently Korean players can celebrate victories of their Team with Aion in-game events and giveaways!

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Winter continues so if you would like to enjoy winter sports, it is a perfect opportunity for you! K-Aion recently added new snowboard mount and matching costume! Gliding on the snowy hills of Atreia never was easier than now! 🙂

Official preview of the mount!

Some sreenshots!

Source: Snowboard mount preview on Korean PowerBook and Photo Gallery on Aion Duowan.

Yes, Aion in Korea is celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year! To celebrate this, they are running several smaller events and boost and also give everyone a free eternal set for level 10 +

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Yesterday, new feature “Hall of Fame” was added to Aion 4.5 update. Find out more information about this prestige locations and that is offering!

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Lately in the Shop, Korean developers added a new traditional Korean costumes and emotes. This time are Princess’ and Crown Prince head accessory and dress. Also you can got two version of traditional Korean Kuenjeol (“Big Bow”) Bow… one with the fail 😉

Kuenjeol (“Big Bow”) emote

Kuenjeol (“Big Bow”)…fail emote

Source: K-Aion Shop

Some time ago I reported to you about new Korean event, which focus on disappearance of lore NPC called Munin [see more: [K-Aion Event] “Munin disappeared”]. Today, I have some more info, how players can “track down” Munin. 😉
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Between 28th March and 24th April 2013, a Baseball Tournament will happen in South Korea and NCSoft Team “NC Dinos” will be there as well. To cheer up their team, NCSoft created special event in all of theirs MMOs – Lineage I and II, Blade and Soul and ofc Aion!

Check out that gifts will Aion’s players get! 🙂

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