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Yes, Aion in Korea is celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year! To celebrate this, they are running several smaller events and boost and also give everyone a free eternal set for level 10 +

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Today we would like to present you an update to our “Aion’s Fashion Show” guide. Since patch 3.0 is not so far away, we have updated guide will all 3.0 armors and sets.

All “normal” (crafted, instance, coin ect.) armors went to “Sarpan” (56-60 lvl) category, balic and abyssal armors were added to theirs proper categories. Enjoy! 🙂

Sarpan (56-60 lvl): Cloth Leather Chain Plate
Balic (all): Cloth Leather Chain Plate
Abyssal (all): Cloth Leather Chain Plate