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Tag: housing

Are you one of these players, who always lack inventory/bank space? No worries! NCSoft Korea is thinking also about you!

Recently two new cabinets had been added to Aion Shop to expand your house warehouse! These two cabinets are totally separate type, so you don’t need to worry about shared inventory space with other cabinets. They cost 5000 and 3000 Aion Coins and they are parnament.

9-slot cabinet (3000 Aion Coins)

18-slot cabinet (5000 Aion Coins)

Source: Aion Korea main page, Aion Thisisgame

Korean players also celebrates Solarius Festival this year between 18th and 26th December 2013 (which strongly recalls EU Xmas event). Are you interested that presents they can get? 🙂

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[Po polsku]

In the newest Aion 3.5 patch, new feature was added to the housing system, which allow players to improve theirs villages (up to “lvl 5”). Helping in “growing” of your neighbourhood have many benefits beside decorating your village: players can buy new hearthblooms and guestblooms, new series of furnitures, armours and weapons, new functional NPC appear in village (Broker, Warehouse, AP Exchange NPC ect.).

Check out more information about this new system!
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[Po polsku]

In 3.5 update new items were added called “Pure Lilies” series. Goal of these items is strictly remodelling. When player’s village “grow” to certain level, you can buy special guestbloom, which will grant you these “Pure Lilies” items (similar to “Cat Paw” weapon series).

Please check out the appearance of these new items! 🙂

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[Po polsku]

Beside known merchants of house items, who can be found in most villages in Pernon and Oriel, there are also special traveling Shugo merchants who sells rare souvenirs and forti/foras. They can be found only in specific date (in-game time) and locations. We are presenting a little guide, which should help you find them! 🙂

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Jeśli czujecie się zmęczeni po długich podróżach w świecie Atrei i chcielibyście mieć własny kąt, gdzie moglibyście odpocząć, wyeksponować swoje trofea zebrane w czasie walk, trzymać swoje odświętne kostiumy bądź po prostu spotkać się ze znajomymi bądź legionistami – to Aion 3.0 ma coś specjalnie dla Was! System domów graczy!

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