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Daeva's Report

Latest news from the world of Atreia!


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Are you one of these players, who always lack inventory/bank space? No worries! NCSoft Korea is thinking also about you!

Recently two new cabinets had been added to Aion Shop to expand your house warehouse! These two cabinets are totally separate type, so you don’t need to worry about shared inventory space with other cabinets. They cost 5000 and 3000 Aion Coins and they are parnament.

9-slot cabinet (3000 Aion Coins)

18-slot cabinet (5000 Aion Coins)

Source: Aion Korea main page, Aion Thisisgame

Winter continues so if you would like to enjoy winter sports, it is a perfect opportunity for you! K-Aion recently added new snowboard mount and matching costume! Gliding on the snowy hills of Atreia never was easier than now! 🙂

Official preview of the mount!

Some sreenshots!

Source: Snowboard mount preview on Korean PowerBook and Photo Gallery on Aion Duowan.

Lately in the Shop, Korean developers added a new traditional Korean costumes and emotes. This time are Princess’ and Crown Prince head accessory and dress. Also you can got two version of traditional Korean Kuenjeol (“Big Bow”) Bow… one with the fail 😉

Kuenjeol (“Big Bow”) emote

Kuenjeol (“Big Bow”)…fail emote

Source: K-Aion Shop