[Po polsku]

Beside known merchants of house items, who can be found in most villages in Pernon and Oriel, there are also special traveling Shugo merchants who sells rare souvenirs and forti/foras. They can be found only in specific date (in-game time) and locations. We are presenting a little guide, which should help you find them! 🙂

Shugo merchants travel around Pernon and Oriel and below we share maps with marked location and dates. Shugos are only available between Feb 15 to Feb 17 / March 15 to March 17/15 May to 17 May / June 15 to June 17 / August 15 to August 17 / September 15 to September 17 / 15 Nov to 17 Nov / Dec 15 to Dec 17 in-game times. They don’t show in January / April / July / October.

Many thanks to Emeralden for making English version of maps 🙂

Elyos locations in Oriel

Asmo locations in Pernon

Source: Traveling Shugo Merchants on Korean PowerBook.

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