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In the newest Aion 3.5 patch, new feature was added to the housing system, which allow players to improve theirs villages (up to “lvl 5”). Helping in “growing” of your neighbourhood have many benefits beside decorating your village: players can buy new hearthblooms and guestblooms, new series of furnitures, armours and weapons, new functional NPC appear in village (Broker, Warehouse, AP Exchange NPC ect.).

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  • NPCs sell 3 hearthblooms
  • NPCs sell 3 guestblooms


  • NPCs sell 4 additional hearthblooms
  • NPCs sell 6 additional guestblooms
  • NPCs start to sell 4 “Pure Lilies” furnitures


  • NPCs sell “Pure Lilies Armor” guestbloom
  • NPCs sell 5 additional guestblooms
  • NPCs start to sell 6 additional “Pure Lilies” furnitures
  • NPCs start to sell 4 souvenirs
  • Warehouse NPC appears


  • NPCs sell “Pure Lilies” series weapons
  • NPCs sell 4 additional guestblooms
  • NPCs sell 3 wallpapers
  • New special plants appear in village, players can get furniture dyes from them
  • Broker NPC appears


  • NPCs sell 7 additional guestblooms
  • Players can buy new appearances for theirs houses
  • New repeatable quests for Abyss Points exchange NPC (disappears after some time)
  • New repeatable quests for Special Guestbloom NPC, who sells guestbloom for new mount (disappears after some time)

Source: Town Growth on Official Korean PowerBook.

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