Some time ago I reported to you about new Korean event, which focus on disappearance of lore NPC called Munin [see more: [K-Aion Event] “Munin disappeared”]. Today, I have some more info, how players can “track down” Munin. 😉

(all items names are unofficial and fan translated!)

Between 29th May and 12th June 2013 (reward NPCs will stay till 19th June).
For the every 30 min spent ingame players will receive said amount of “Munin’s Footprints”:
– 46-65 level character can acquire up to 12 per day
– 21-45 level character can acquire up to 6 per day
(daily limit resets everyday at 9 AM)

Also players can do event/daily quests (resets at 9AM) to get more “Munin’s Footpritns” (max 10 footprints from two daily quests).
Quests NPCs and reward sellers are located in Sanctum and Pandemonium.


1. [Event] Mission compensation package – costs 6 “Munin Footprints”
Randomly one of:

  • Event hat
  • Event costume
  • Item allowing to transform into “Guardian” for 3 minutes (appearance only)
  • Poor Aeris weapon skins
  • Various organisation tokens
  • Morphing scroll allowing to convert 50 Courage Insignia into tradable box
  • 20 500 skill lvl Alchemy potions and serums
  • Consumables boxes
  • scrolls, power shards ect.

2. [Event] Participation Support Package – costs 1 “Munin Footprint”

  • 10 major scrolls

Source: Munin’s Footprints event on Korean PowerBook.

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