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Long time ago (in November 2011 😉 ) we have shared with you first info about Aturam Sky Fortress. Today we would like to update it with more detailed info about Silion’s weapon series (56 level blue quality wep) you can get via quest chain in the instance.

If we ever wanted to be a Plumber, now it’s your chance! 🙂

Players can aquire these weapons by repeating “A Wealthy Patron” (Asmo) / “Fortress Interrupted” (Elyos) quests 5 times. Also by doing quests “The Guiding Hand” (Asmo) / “The Protector” (Elyos), you can slightly upgrade these weapons but it’s really a small upgrade and appearance stays same.

Click, on the item name to see its stats.

Silion’s Sword
Silion’s Greatsword
Silion’s Polearm
Silion’s Dagger
Silion’s Bow</th>
Silion’s Mace
Silion’s Staff
Silion’s Orb
Silion’s Spellbook

In addition, to complete your “Plummer” appearance you will be able to find a “Shulack Work Clothes” (56 lvl green quality armor).

Shulack Work Clothes

Source: Silion’s weapon series on Korean PowerBook.

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