Aturam Sky Fortress is one of the new instances added in Aion 3.0 update. This is solo instance designed to help players level faster with easy gameplay and good rewards.

1) Background history
Tiamat’s Balaur have powerful air troops, which they deploy either to attack the fortresses that are owned by the Daevas, or to defend the Bulwark from the Elyos or Asmodian forces that are trying to infiltrate. It is now apparent that these troops are trained and stationed in a sky fortress located in the floating islands over Sarpan. Tiamat maintains and supplies the Dredgion from this fortress. The latest intelligence indicates that a new formulation of Surkana has been obtained from Beritra, who has the most advanced Dredgion crafting skill, in order to suppress the Elyos and Asmodian forces. Daevas responded by sending infiltration forces to shut down the sky fortress and destroy the new Surkana.

2) General information
Entrance: Sarpan (12 o’clock position)
Type: Solo
Suggested level: 55-60
Reset / Re-entry time: 22 hours
Available for fraction: both
Info: Solo instance designed to help with fast leveling. During the instance player is transformed into “robot” to deal with monsters.
Drop: Rare grade armor items. Fabled grade belt, earrings, rings. Unique appearance (“plumber”) of weapons and armors.

3) Quests
There will be 11 quests available for Aturam Fortress instance. Some will required to finish each part of instance and killing boss at the end. Other are sub-quests with huge amount of exp.

4) Gameplay
Aturam Sky Fortress is divided into 3 parts with boss at the end of each section. We won’t get into detailed description of the instance, because we don’t want to spoil you fun of discovering “unknown” by yourself 😉

1st section – Master’s Workshop

Player need to find and destroy 5 power units and face boss at the end.

2nd section – Talon’s Lab

Player need to find 7 balaur watching crystals and face boss at the end. Also on the way, player may get buff from energy recharging devices.

3rd section – Unit 0 raid

Player can get in and control Unit 0 “robot”, which helps a lot with dealing with a lot of monsters in this area.

5) Rewards

Each boss drop box, which contains items specific for your char’s class. For example “shoulder’s box” or “ring box” will contain items suited for our Cleric class instead of just random drop.
Most of items (armor and hats) is 56 lvl blue quality, but there are also fabled (gold) quality accessories (rings, necklaces and earrings). There will be also special series of armor and weapon with unique “plumber” appearance. 😉

Source: Aturam Sky Fortress on Korean PowerBook.

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