In the latest 2.0 patch, max level of our character will be increased to 55, along with that NCSoft added new daily quest fraction. It is available for all characters on level 50 and above and NPC from that fraction can be found in major cities of Asmodians and Elyos in Balaurea.

Feel free to check which new awesome items we can get!

As well as with other daily quests, these ones are done everyday and you got token (and small box) from completing them. There is however difference in rewards – these one from 2.0 are not time limited, so once bought they won’t disappear. As well, these armours have similar look to armours which you can get with new mithril coins (Mithril Coiny – in polish! ), but with few different “details”. As all 4 sets was same model, if you want them only for remodeling, it is suggested to buy the cheapest set 🙂

Prices of items (in tokens):

Items level 50 Items level 50 Items level 55 Items level 55
Weapon 30 75 45 100
Shield 20 50 38 65
Chest 20 50 30 50
Pants 15 38 25 50
Shoulders 10 25 15 35
Gloves 10 25 15 35
Boots 10 25 15 35
Plate Set
Chain Set
Leather Set
Cloth Set




Source: New Daily Quest fraction on Korean PowerWiki.