Would you like to cheer for NCSoft’s baseball Team called “Dinos”! Recently Korean players can celebrate victories of their Team with Aion in-game events and giveaways!

[Event] NC Dinos Cap + [Event] NC Dinos Uniform
Survey period: 15th October 2014 to 22nd October 2014
Survey limitation: Characters with 25 level and higher

Winning buffs

– Buff info: all online characters during specific time frame
– Buff time frame: 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM (2h) of the match day.

NCSoft will apply previous different buffs according to the match progress. Buff will include increased drop rating, increased experience rate or running/flighting seep buffs!

Survey period: 19th October 2014, 3h.
Survey limitation: Characters with 25 level and higher

[Event] Drana Coffee x3 You receive a major healing effect and your HP is restored by 3500 points.
Yasba’s Grace – Valid 1 time No resurrection penalty if you are killed, and you keep all your XP. Teleportation and flight only cost 1 Kinah. This effect lasts for 1 hour.
[Title Card] Dreamer – 15-day pass Gives title: Dreamer for 15 days (Atk Speed +2%, Casting Speed +2%, Speed +3%)
[Event] Bag of Dandi Form Candy Bag of Candy for transforming into a Dandi.

Source: NCSoft Baseball event on Korean PowerBook.