In the latest Aion 4.5 update, which went live in Korea on 5th March 2014, some of AetherTech lower/mid-level armors were revamped and got new appearances! Check out, how fancy your AetherTech will look now!

Gold Coins – Sunsteeped (46 lvl), Shadesteeped (41 lvl)

Platinum Coins – Suntouched (46 lvl), Shadetouched (46 lvl)

Mithril Coins – Sunsoaked (51 lvl), Shadesoaked (51 lvl)

Daily fraction – Tracker’s (55 lvl), Adventurer’s (55 lvl), Deft Leader’s (55 lvl), Wise Leader’s (55 lvl)

Kahrun and Ceramium – Campaigner’s (65 lvl), Reservist (65 lvl), Kahrun’s (60 lvl)

Kromede-involved instances – Kromede’s (35 lvl), White Flame (35 lvl), Kaliga’s (38 lvl).

Steel Rake instances – Grogget’s (44 lvl)

46-50 instances – Lannok’s (50 lvl), Triroan’s (50 lvl), Anuhart Elite’s (50 lvl), Commander Bakar (50 lvl).

Udas instance – Debilkarim’s (52 lvl)

Source: New AetherTech apperances on Korean PowerBook.

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