Yesterday, new feature “Hall of Fame” was added to Aion 4.5 update. Find out more information about this prestige locations and that is offering!

(This is fan-made translation, it may be incomplete or incorrect in some parts!)

Two new prestige locations “Hall of Fame” have been added to Marchutan Piory (Asmo) and Kaisinel Academy (Elyos). Only players with Abyss Rank “Officer” and higher can entry. You can buy a prestige remodels, wings and supply here. They required AP and kinah to be bought, also there is only a limit amount of them available.

These items can be bought only by players with AP rank General and higher. You need AP and kinah to buy them and there is a daily limit how many can be bought.


COSTUME 01 (120kk kinah + 250k AP)
HAT 01 (120kk kinah + 250k AP)
COSTUME 02 (200kk kinah + 200k AP)
COSTUME 03 (6-piece set – 60kk kinah + 180k AP each)
COSTUME 04 (6-piece set – 60kk kinah + 180k AP each)

They costs 50kk kinah and 350k AP.

They costs 1k kinah and 1k AP.

Supplement boxes
Eternal supplement box costs 15k kinah and 15k AP and Mythical Supplemet Box costs 30k kinah and 30k AP.

Idian enchatment
Fabled Indian enchatments with physical attack and magic boosts costs 10k AP, and ones with magic / physical defence costs 5k AP.

Red Bulldozer of Fame costs 1k AP and lasts for 30 days. It automatically bossts the owner with 3 scrolls/foods and also loot mobsters.


  • Power Shards (40 dmg) costs 10 AP
  • HP Serum (4300 HP regen) costs 1900 AP
  • Fabled food costs 200 AP

Source: Hall of Fame on Korean PowerBook.

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