In the newest patch 2.5 there will be two news instances introduces – Academy Bootcamp and Araka. We would like to bring you new informations about Academy Bootcamp!

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[BE AWARE, that following information are base on fan-made translations of Korean page, so these info can be partially incorrect! – Author]

1. Basic informations:

  • There are no quest requirements for the Academy Bootcamp; any character of level 50 or above can enter, if they are in a group.
  • This is 6-man instance.
  • In Sanctum and Pandaemonium, teleport via statue to the Kaisinel Academy or the Marchutan Academy, and you can access the Academy Bootcamp from there. From Inggison and Gelkmaros, you can use the Academy Bootcamp Teleport NPC.
  • The re-entry cooldown for the Academy Bootcamp is 22 hours.

2. Quests
In instance players do chain quest, which is based on survival as long as possible on area (in first quest we have to survive till stage 3, but in next ones till stage 5,7, 9 and 10). Completing quest will reward us with title and some amount of “Academy Insignia”

3. Game play

  • The Academy Bootcamp is a new type of instance in which you defeat wave after wave of monsters in a circular arena.
  • There are a total of 10 steps, of 5 rounds each. More powerful opponents appear at each step.
  • Outside the arena, but still within the Bootcamp instance, there is a waiting room where Daevas resurrect after death.
  • Daevas who enter before training begins will go directly to the arena, but latecomers will appear in the waiting room.
  • A Daeva in the waiting room can get into the arena by using a “Consolidation Ticket” which you can obtain during the training.
  • The ’Consolidation Ticket’ can be traded, but it disappears if you exit the instance, log out character selection, or quit the game.
  • Each step is completed when all monsters are defeated. Proceed to the next step by talking to the training recordkeeper in the center of arena.
  • All group members obtain the same number of points for defeating monsters regardless of how much damage they did.
  • The training will end if all characters in the arena die or you complete all the steps of the training. You will be rewarded with “Academy Insignia” depending on your score.
  • Characters in the waiting room can stop the training and exit through the Stop Training button located in the upper right of the screen.
  • Some skills and items cannot be used in the Academy Bootcamp.

4. Rewards
For completing quests and base of total score at the end of instance, players will be rewarded with “Academy Insignia”. They are used to buy eternal / fabled / heroic weapons / armors / accesories and costumes / consumables. Price of these items tho are not small, for example for eternal weapon we will have to pay 77k insignias! We don’t know yet that is average amount of insignia you get in one run, but it’s sure that it won’t be easy to get these items!

5. Stages
Because we don’t want to spoil you a fun of discovering the challenges yourself, we won’t write info about bosses in instances. There will be tho some new bosses never seen before!
As we had said, instance is divided into 10 stages, and each stage consists of 5 waves. With every wave more and more powerful monsters will come, at the end of each stage you will need to defeat boss. To start next stage, talk to NPC who appear on arena.

  • Stage 1

  • Stage 2

  • Stage 3

  • Stage 4

  • Stage 5

  • Stage 6

  • Stage 7

  • Stage 8 (new boss!)
  • Stage 9 (new boss!)

  • Stage 10 (new boss!)

Source: Academy Bootcamp on Korean PowerWiki.