In NA/EU patch 2.5 is just around a corner and Koreans players enjoy patch 2.6, but NCSoft Korea is not sleeping! Today, new little update will hit K-Aion servers! Check that will change!

1. Changes to “end-game” instances:

  • Beshmundir Temple – Stormwing
    Difficult of the fight was lowered, also damage dealt by boss’ skills is reduced.

    Damage before change Damage after change
  • Empyrean Crucible
    Stage 7 – 10 mobs, will have theirs HP lowered and damage dealt by them will be reduced.
  • Dark Poeta
    Difficult of the boss fights were lowered, also damage dealt by S- and A-grade bosses’ skills is reduced. Also amounts of points needed to activation S-C grades are reduced.

    Grade Currently After change
    S 19,643 17,817
    A 17,046 15,219
    B 13,055 10,913
    C 9334 6656

2. Auto party finding system:
Amount of buff “Pledge of Victory” was increased:

Before the change:

After the change:

NTC Atk +20, MB +105, HP +520, healing +30
FT Atk +20, MB +115, HP +600, healing +30
SR, Draupnir, DP, Udas, Crucible Atk +25, MB +125, HP +680, healing +50

3. AP Calculator
If player will have AP items in inventory while opening AP Calculator, Calculator will automatically display and count amount of AP for these items.

Source: Update 18th May 2011 na Korean PowerWiki.