Have you ever dreamed to ride your own mount to adventure the Atreia on his back? With Aion 3.0 mount system will be introduced, allowing players to own a mount, which will increased ground and flying speed.

General information:

  • Mounts increase player’s ground and fly speed.
  • There will be many kinds of mounts with different speed bonus. The more expensive / more rare will give bigger speed bonus.
  • Players CAN do while on mount: talk with NPC, accept and finish quests, buy from shops and AH, glide, fly (if mount can it), activate power shards, right-click on others to whisper, invite ect., can apply for a duel.
  • Players CAN’T do while on mount: use skills, items, craft, morph, gather materials, summon pets / spirits, open personal shop, use emotes.
  • Things that will dismount you: entering fight (same if player will be hit), entering instance.
Mount description Summoning a mount

While on mount, player can activate “Sprint” by using “R”. Also sprint can be used while flying but will consume fly time little faster (to use whole sprint time player needs to have 60 sec fly time left).

Acquiring a mount
There will be few ways to acquiring a mount: by simple buying it from NPC, or by crafting it (required 500 skill point).

Kind of mounts:

Increased movement speed by 80% Level 30 and higher Bought from NPC
Increased movement speed by 90%
Can fly
Level 50 and higher Bought from NPC
Increased movement speed by 100%
Can fly
Level 60 Bought from NPC
Increased movement speed by 107%
Can fly
Level 58 and higher Crafting
Increased movement speed by 112%
Can fly
Level 60 Crafting
Increased movement speed by 100%
Can fly
Level 30 and higher ???
Increased movement speed by 110%
Can fly
Level 60 ???
Increased movement speed by 105%
Can fly
Level 60 ???

Source: Mounts on Korean PowerBook and Mounts on Aion Duowan.

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