Would you like to “live up” your house a bit? Well… actually you can! It seems that beside all these features we already have, players can program theirs own scripts which will for example make house’s furnitures to glow, NPCs dancing or you will hear music inside your house!

To create or edit your house script, player needs to talk to house butler and house script menu will appear. Players can save up to 8 house’s scripts made by themselves or they can simple copy someone’s else script.

  1. Player’s scripts list – players can save up to 8 scripts.
  2. Add new script.
  3. Script description.
  4. Script’s objects mark – you need to mark objects in your house, if you want program some script with them (like you mark NPC with 1, so later in script you will program 1 to do smtg).
  5. Open / close script code window – here you can see / edit your script code.
  6. Export script – you can export yours script’s code and share with other players.
  7. Script management – list of 13 basic scripts.

Basically, scripts allow player’s to personalize theirs houses and adding some very interesting environment – players familiar with code programming will have much freedom to create theirs own scripts, while players not familiar with such features will be able to use 13 basic pre-made scripts. These basic scripts for example allowing: NPCs greeting players, dance, use specific emotes; objects can glow, move or “write” some words; you can play music / sound in background or by doing specific action / emote ect.

Some examples of basic scripts:

Players can save and share theirs scripts with others. Also players can copy and use someone’s else scripts.

Copying script’s code:

Copying exported script’s source:

Examples of player’s made scripts:

Source: House scripts on Korean PowerBook.

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