With the increased level cap up to 60 level, Aion 3.0 introduced new series of Daevaion set. This is 5-part eternal armor set with title – unfortunately there won’t be a Daevaion weapon. As well as with 50 level set, players need to finish chain quest which also involve gathering and crafting skills.

1. General info
New Daevanion set is 60 level eternal grade armor set, which consist of 5 parts (chest, pants, shoulders, gloves and boots) each with 5 manastone slots. Also it is characterized by huge amount of HP.

2. Quest chain
To be able to start new Daevanion chain quest, player need to finish all campaigns in Sarpan and Tiamaranta (5 in each), then Daevanion quest will become available.
Daevanion quest chain consist of 6 steps and quests involve crafting, gathering, collecting quest items, finding NPCs and hunting monsters.

Step 1 – Shoes Player has around 13 min to locate and talk with 4 NPCs.
Step 2 – Gloves Player need to find and destroy “seasonal” object which only appears during certain season in housing zones. Also need to buy (for 13kk) item from NPC.
Step 3 – Shoulders Player need to acquired crafting quest (500) and finish it, collect special craft item from each crafting profession (player can simple buy/trade these items with other players). And buy item (23kk) from NPC.
Step 4 – Pants Players need to have 400+ gathering skills. They need to wear special ring and gather quest items from gatherable resources in Sarpan and Tiamaranta. Need to buy item (23kk) from NPC [ not sure about this one ]
Step 5 – Chest Player need to take part in (and finish) hunting quests both in Sarpan and Tiamaranta.
Step 6 – Title Player just go and talk to NPC to finish whole Daevanion quest chain.

3. Armor sets
We would like to thank Nicki from Daevic Flux and Emeralden from Israphel server for sharing stats translations. 🙂 Remember tho, it’s just fan-made translation and set name or some stats may be incorrect!

Cloth Set
Leather Set
Chain Set
Plate Set

4. Title
After completing armor set, player obtain title from last chain step. You just need to go and talk with NPC 😉
Stat of title are: Damage +3, Magic Boost +17, Attack +2%, Casting Speed +2%

5. Images

Source: Daevanion 60 level set on Korean PowerBook and Daevic Flux.

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