New patch 2.7 is about to hit Korean Aion PTS this week (Wed 13 July 2011). It will make a PvP players happy, because as it seems it will introduces some kind of PvP arena with associated new PvP gear. Because of that, also some of the class skills will be changes .There will be also some changes to quests, Padmarasha / Sematariux’s and Crucible!

[We are sorry for such incomplete, basic information, we will try to add new info about this patch as soon as we can translate from Korean]

1. PvP Crucible Arena (official name still unknown!)
Patch 2.7 is introducing a new type of Crucible instance – PvP arena where players can fight against opposite fraction!!!

  • Arena will be divided into two type: 1vs1 (Arena of Solitude) and group 10vs10 (Arena of Chaos).
  • Minimum entry level is 46+, but depending on players’ level group will be divided into two level group (46-50 and 51-55).
  • Arena can have a different landscape.

  • Players will receive Crucible Insignias, “Arena Medals” (name still unknown), Abyss Points as a reward from participating.
  • In order to enter Arena player need to have “Arena Ticket”, which can be obtained by doing quests. Tho after 7/14days these ticket if unused will disappear from player’s inventory.
  • Gameplay on arena will be divided into 3 rounds, each will last 3 minutes, after time out it will change to another round. Players will earn points by killing enem players and completing objectives on the map.
  • There will be several arena objects (like cannons) which you will be able to use during battle to fight defeat players!
  • There will be also “Training Mode” for this arena.

2. Padmarashka’s Cave
New instance with Padmarashka boss is introduced.

  • Sematariux world boss will be removed from the game and Padmarashka will be turned into 48-man instance. Entrance for this instance will be in the same place where it was for Padmarashka / Sematariux.
  • This instance is designed for force of 48 people (2 alliances) and has 7 day cooldown. Players with level 55 and above can enter.
  • To enter, players will have to obtain “Key to Padmarashka’s Cave”, existing key for Padmarashka boss can still be used, key for Sematariux will be automatically changed to needed one.
  • Fight with the boss and loot is more less same as with current Padmarashka, just adjusted for 48-player party. New items will be introduced.

3. Empyrean Crucible

  • Players can now chose to start Crucible training at stage 7 and to skip stages 1-6. If they chose to do so, they won’t receive Insignias from stages they’ve skipped!
  • Score from killing 10-5 boss was increased.
  • Protection Scroll for Stage 10-4 boss Tahabata can be obtained during stage 9 bonus.

4. Skills

  • Most of players 3k DP skills will have theirs cost of 3k reduced to 2k DP.
  • Spiritmaster’s skill “Armor Spirit” cooldown was changed from 5 minute to 1 minute.
  • Ranger’s “Call Gryphu I” – movement reduction is increased from 2 sec to 3 sec.
  • Ranger’s “Seizure Arrow” – is fixed.

5. New items
Few changes regarding existing items will be introduced.

  • Crucible items and new Padmarashka’s items now can be enchanted to level 2 with Conditioning enchant.
  • Few new kinds of “medals / insignias” will be introduced and they will allow to buy new EC PvP items.
  • Players will be able to strengthen current EC items (still it’s unclear to me).
  • Few changes of Padmarashka and Governor items will be introduces (like change of stats, grade of the items ect.)

6. Quests
Few changes regarding existing quests will be introduces.

  • Daily quests for Platinum Medals will be changed – now everyone in the group can obtain quest item from the mob. Also amount of medals earned from these quests will be increased.
  • Amount of silver and gold coins obtained from daily quests will be increased.
  • Quests from Beshmundir Temple and Governors (Mastarius / Vaille) will be changed.

7. Balaurean sieges
Amount of Platinum Medals obtained from Balaurean sieges will be changed and increased.

8. Various changes to UI system (map, game options, closing the game), pet system, terrain, items and NPC and more.

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Source: Patch 2.7 on Korean PTS on Korean PowerBook.