In the newest patch 2.5 long-awaited improvement will be introduced – “Mentor system” will allow high level players to help lower level ones without any “punishment” due to level difference (nowadays if level difference it bigger than 10 lvl, lower player doesn’t get any exp nor drop). Not only this system will help “young” characters, but also will reward high ones for helping others.

1. Basic information

  • If your group contains members who are at least 10 levels lower than you, the ’Performing as Guide’ option is available from your group information menu (right-click group member). If all group members who are 10 levels (or more) lower than a group guide leave the group (by intentionally leaving, being banned, or by leveling up), group guide status is automatically cancelled.
  • For a group member with guide status, the currently configured character title (selected in Profile settings) is replaced by the title ’Guide.’ However, the effects of the character’s selected title are still applied. A wing icon appears next to the character name (on the group information screen) of any group member who is a guide.
  • While you are a guide, you cannot accumulate Exp or acquire drop items that can be obtained by hunting monsters.However, you can acquire others assets, such as Abyss Point, Quest Items, and DP, just like usual. (Normal rules are applied.). Exp is distributed to all group members, except guides.
  • When entering an instanced dungeon, you can enter if level conditions for group members, excluding guides, are met. (When entering, check needed items. The entry quest checks guide characters.) In cases of instanced dungeons, such as Dredgion, Chantra Dredgion, Dark Poeta, where you get reward by accumulating points, guide groups cannot enter.
  • You can recruit or apply for a Guide Group in the Find Group window (or by using the chat command ‘/guidegrouprecruitment’ or ’/guidegroupapplying’). If you select the ’Guide’ checkbox at the top of Find Group window, your search will include guide groups.

2. New fraction and quests for “Mentors”.

  • New fraction was added to reward high level players for helping “lowbies”. Upon reaching level 10, you will automatically become a member of the lower level group. You may resign or rejoin manually through an NPC. Upon reaching level 40, you will automatically resign. You can manually join or leave the group for lv 40 to 55.
  • Added daily and weekly quests for these “guide/mentor” groups. Guide quests can only be done in a guide group. The quest description will have specific information about the appropriate level range. The lv40-55 groups give [Elyos] Mark of Arachne and [Asmodian] Mark of Brotherhood as rewards. They may be exchanged for weapons, armor, or other items with the group NPC.

3. Rewards for helping

Players will be rewarded for doing “mentor/guide” quest by getting [Elyos] Mark of Arachne or [Asmodian] Mark of Brotherhood. They can be later exchange via NPC for selected items. One of new rewards are fabled 45/55 level armours with new appearance. [if you want these items only coz of new skin, we suggest to buy cheaper items 😉 ]

Armour lvl 55 Armour lvl 45
Shield 32 16
Hat 32 16
Chest 32 16
Pants 26 13
Shoulders 16 8
Gloves 16 8
Boots 16 8
Cloth Set
Leather Set
Chain Set
Plate Set

You can bu them by 100 marks, they are fabled quality 50 level wings. Thay have Flight Time +70, HP +200, Physical Attack +3, Magical Attack +3.

Source: Mentor system and Mentor rewards on Korean PowerWiki and official English 2.5 patch notes.