Have you ever spent endless nights farming for your manastones only to fail and burn all of them on last slot? After nearly 6 years of Aion life, NCSoft Korea had heard players voices and made changes to manastone socketing system in latest update released at 20th of August 2014!

How manastone socketing system was changed?
From now on, if player fails to socket manastone it will destroy manastone ONLY in the slot player tried to socket, not all!!! So after the fail previous socketed manastones will stay! 🙂


After update

Previously manastone system could be tricky. On one hand you could be lucky and socket 6-slot item only with 6 manastones or spent houndreds on manastones and got nothing. With the latest update, the consumption of manastons would be reduced.

PowerBook Manastone Experiment
Korean developers even made official experiment to check how changes will effect socketing ratings. They used 1) rare manastones and socketed 6-slot Mythical weapon 100 times, 2) rare manastones and socketed 6-slot Eternal weapon 100 times, 3) composite manastones and socketed 6-slot Mythical weapon 100 times, 4) composite manastones and socketed 6-slot Eternal weapon 100 times.

Used items: Brave Steel Wall Fighter’s Aether Key, Holy Aether Key of the Guardian Special Unit, Manastone: Magic Boost +28 and Manastone: Magic Boost +27 / Magical Accuracy +7.

On the average you needed 17.26 to fully socket 6-slot items. Here there wasn’t any significant change in the success rate and you may still need to use the same amount of stones as before if you are unlucky. In some cases (marked red) you needed over 40 manastones to socket one slot, but in 29 cases (marked green) you was successful with less than 10 stones.

Source: Manastone changes on Korean PowerBook and Aion EN PowerBook.

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