Always wanted to smash your enemies during the siege with the use of gigantic world bosses? Now you have a chance!Read more information about 2nd of new zones added in Aion 4.7 update.

Access to Celdor is available for all 65 level players, from North Katalam. Elyos and Asmodian players are arriving in Celdor in separate locations.

Structure of Celdor
Celdor consist of two fraction main bases, two pvp bases (similar to Katalam’s bases, but they are very important and they provide only teleport to fortress in this zone and to artifacts), 6vs6 PvP instance, 3 artifacts and one fortress.


Siege in Celdor take place every Saturday between 21:00 and 22:00. 5 minutes before vulnerability, fortress ownership automatically is reset for Balaurs.

Siege itself is very similar to Katalam sieges and it differ only with two aspects: two legions will gain ownership for the fortress (not one like now) and using special item, players can summon world boss who will help/or stop them for conquering the fortress.

Screenshots (click to enlarge!)


Source: New zone Celdor on Korean PowerBook and Azsurance on Tumblr blog.

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